In line with global sustainability efforts, the year 2020 at BKT street furniture marked the beginning of a commitment to sustainability, integrating this component into our vision as an integral element of our practice. We aim to comprehend the impacts our products have throughout their life cycle and understand how our organization influences or is influenced by sustainable development expectations. 

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Adapting to the new reality

In alignment with this vision, in the year 2020, we began fine-tuning our design, production, and end-of-life processes for our products. At every stage, we incorporate the social and environmental dimensions of sustainability.

We aim to leave a positive global impact by creating urban furniture that transforms cities into more livable, beautiful, and resilient spaces, always committed to enhancing people's lives in public areas.

On the other hand, we believe in collective awareness and the value of information. That's why we aim to provide users and the general public with reliable information about the components of each piece, as well as their environmental impacts and benefits. This approach contributes to environmental education, enhancing citizens' responsibility toward public spaces.

Work on setting science-based targets that allow us to reach net zero by 2050.

Foster the integration of renewable energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Foster environmental responsibility throughout our value chain, know its environmental impact and always aim to reduce or compensate for it.

Implement company-wide strategies to eliminate carbon emissions to achieve the Paris Agreement targets of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Use resources efficiently (water, electrical energy, raw materials, supplies) by continually implementing good practices in all of our areas, from design to installation.