Guadalajara city

Products installed:  Commercial kiosks (special design owned by the  grupo MYT).

Designer / collaborator:  BKT mobiliario urbano & Grupo MYT.

Location: Zapopan Municipality.

Architects: Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos.

Photography: own file.

Description: Over time, Andares has positioned itself as the benchmark for what a shopping mall should be in Mexico and, of course, what it should represent: a meeting point and center for social and economic development.

To remain at the forefront, the commercial kiosks in Andares have had to evolve with the offer, architecture of the environment in order to maintain the quality of service and presence that characterizes this square.

These new pieces that have been developed together with the MTY group are practically the sum of the expert perspectives of the actors involved: design team, operators and consumers.

All this resulted in a product of high aesthetic and functional value that goes hand in hand with the quality that Andares and its business partners represent .


Bike lane "paseo Alcalde"
Ciudad de Guadalajara