Wood Bench 007

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Wood Bench 007
Bench 007 in wood is inspired by the simplicity of an abstraction of the first stroke made when designing a bench. It is made of galvanized carbon steel with robust profiles, seat, and backrest in tropical wood. The resulting angles and lines make it a comfortable and versatile bench when inserted into traditional or contemporary spaces. It has two versions, 65 and 130 cm, which can be combined to form sets. Its assembly is straightforward; through hidden assemblies, the sides are attached to the seat and back with security screws. For its installation, it is necessary to make four holes in the floor, and either a threaded rod is placed in a chemical anchor or screwed with a mechanical anchor.
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Dimensions 130 cm or 65 cm
Type Without armrests or With armrests
Finishes Cold Galvanized and Polyester Paint
Dimensions (130 cm/65 cm) x 65 cm x 80 cm
Color Dark gray
Manufacturing Carbon steel and tropical wood structure
Author In compliance with the provisions of article 409 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property, it is stated and made public that the product and designs reproduced below are protected before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property with the registration number 38983 MODELO INDUSTRIAL DE BANCA, whose owner is RODRIGO VÁZQUEZ ORTEGA; rights that are in force and having all their legal effects.