Our Company 

In 2004, we emerged from our experience in product design and a profound interest in cities.  

We materialize our vision by offering an innovative urban furniture catalog and personalized service to create spaces with enhanced livability, functionality, and heritage value. This approach has positioned us as a leading national company and a prominent public creative agent in transforming cities.

Rodrigo Vázquez, Founder and CEO

"There are many ways to define and materialize a company's vision: for us, it's an appreciation for life, the environment, and people. We reflect this by designing something exceptional and placing it in the public space."

Design and Development

Our focus has always been on design: a durable, well-made product thoughtfully conceived. 

The company's core area is Design and Development; it boasts a material library, cutting-edge software, and hardware equipment, a 3D prototyping machine for testing new products and parts, and a showroom area with samples, which also serves for outdoor resistance testing.  


Factory and Headquarters 

The architecture of the operational center embodies our way of working and the influence of public space on interior design: a layout crafted according to workflow and facilities that provide everything necessary to fulfill the vast array of tasks in operations, logistics, design, administration, and sales.

Our facilities are located in Jalisco, a region in Mexico known for its rich cultural and industrial contributions. This privileged geographical position provides proximity to an international port, important cities, and the northern border.

Situated in the central neighborhood of Santa Tere in Guadalajara, our operational center's location was chosen due to its proximity to the city's industrial zone, where most of our processes occur. More importantly, its location keeps our team closely connected with the city.

Our assembly area is equipped with state-of-the-art tools; we ensure the quality of each piece, assemble, pack, and dispatch using both light and heavy-duty vehicles (2 and 5 tons, respectively) to destinations across the country. The inventory area can accommodate pre-assembled products and supplies, enhancing our delivery timelines. Handling and storage within the inventory area are managed with advanced storage systems and forklift equipment.